Built in 1931, The Los Angeles Theater was the last of the great movie theaters to open up in downtown LA during the heyday of the grand movie palaces that were built on Broadway. The premiere of Chaplin’s City Lights started a three-decade long span of popularity at the theater until attendance dropped and the doors closed in 1994. Now it’s mostly used as a filming location for film and television.

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Claude Monet / Nymphéas / c 1915

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Self-portrait. May 2014.

-Mr. Bohs

L.A. Witch - Get Lost

Naughty Ghost Film

Directed by: Arabella Anderson

Photographed by: Kelsey Talton

Edited by: Alex Bohs

Another glorious collaboration that allowed me to wholeheartedly live out both my found-footage AND moving-collage fantasies.

Wins all around if you ask me.

-Mr. Bohs

Secret Colours - INTO YOU

A Naughty Ghost Film

Directed by: Arabella Anderson

Photographed by: Kelsey Talton

Edited by: Alex Bohs

Had the pleasure of piecing together this lil’ lyric-laden ode to VHS for Chicago’s own Secret Colours. Enjoy.

-Mr. Bohs

The Grand Budapest Hotel Interior 1968

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Sylvia Rivera kicking ass on stage after some radfems & transphobes tried to refuse her the right to speak at the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day rally.  Said radfems then had their own march in part protesting trans participation in Pride.  A precursor to today’s Dyke March.  

40 years later in the very same park trans women are still fighting for space within Pride as this year’s Dyke March fiasco demonstrated.  I’m feeling challenged and troubled by the narrative that trans women’s response to transphobia must take the “form of serious, calm, point by point analyses of why radfems are wrong” as Stephen Ira pointed out.

What strikes me about this video is that she isn’t trying to be calm and collected after being attacked.  She’s not internalizing the notion that fighting transphobia has to take on the oppressive notion of “respectability.”

These conversations have left me wondering: has the non profit industrial complex and professionalized activism gentrified our political activity?

So within all of that, I say: nothing but love and power to trans women creating space for ourselves in queer community!

Viva la Sylvia.

-Mr. Bohs

Bernadette Bohs.

-Mr. Bohs

The time has (finally) come to share my newest doc/collaboration via THIS LINK. Enjoy!

-Mr. Bohs

The best costume for the day.

-Mr. Bohs

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Making everything a mystery / Michael Northrup

**Making everything interesting.

-Mr. Bohs

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Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler: Filmstills - The End

The saddest imagery.

-Mr. Bohs

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Stop Telling Women to Smile is an art series by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. The work attempts to address gender based street harassment by placing drawn portraits of women, composed with captions that speak directly to offenders, outside in public spaces.”

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Quiet Lunch Magazine -
Stop Street Harassment -
HuffPost -

Simply powerful.

-Mr. Bohs

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